Posted on November 12th, 2021 06:22 PM

Keeping your Kids healthy and active during this time of the year doesn't have to be stressful. Get creative and involve yourself as much as possible into moving around with them and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This may even help improve family dynamics. 

Here are some ways:

  1. Encourage spending time outdoor The outdoors during winter can be unwelcoming and cold. However, with the right protective innerwear such as winter thermals to keep the body insulated, children can venture out to play. 
  1. Limit screen time The thought of snuggling with a warm blanket, in front of your television is as enticing as ever. However, avoid caving in to this and try to limit the number of hours. This will prompt children to stick to their screen time of say, less than two hours per day and this will result in them finding other things to busy themselves with! If they do end up using the iPad or laptop, insist that they use the many online courses to learn life skills or pick up a new hobby.

  1. Aerating the rooms A closed warm room may attract more microbes than a room that has air flow in it. Leave windows and doors open for a few minutes during daytime, so that clean air can flow through the room. The UV rays are a natural disinfectant as well. Keeping the room warm instead of bundling with more layers of clothing is the right choice while putting your little one to sleep.

  1. Choosing the right winter wear for children As a thumb rule for dressing up kids, parents should always put one more layer on children than themselves in order to keep them warm. But this also depends on the parent, the kid and the weather on that particular day. It’s also wise to put on a cotton layer over which a sweater or jacket or a full suit can be added. Make sure the outer jacket has a zipper so that it is easy for removal. Always use comfortable socks and mittens which are effective in protecting the hands and feet of your child when it is too cold. Also, a close fitting skull cap is better than the hood of a jacket as it protects the head and ears from the cold due to its snug fit.

  1. Proper moisturizing Moisturizing is the key for maintaining perfect skin health for children in winter. If not adequately moisturized it may lead to dry and parched skin. After bath, dry the body properly and apply moisturizing lotion evenly over the skin and massage lightly. Lips and cheeks are the most affected areas during winter as they are exposed to dry winter wind. Apply moisturizer for the cheeks and a lip balm suitable for children.

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